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A New Church For Northwest Arkansas

Coming Fall 2019

Church In Northwest Arkansas NWA

Most people are spiritual loners desperately wondering what their higher calling really is. We have a community that helps them discover their unique purpose so they can start growing in Jesus again.



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It hurts doing life alone. It hurts even worse knowing you're not living your true purpose in life.

Jesus Has More Planned For You

It's okay to not be okay, but don't go one more day fumbling through the darkness of life alone. If you're not doing what really matters with your life, it's time to make a change.

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The gospel is the power of God for your salvation -- it's dramatic, bold, and explosive. But do these words describe your walk with God? Or is it more like: uninspiring, weak, and safe? If you're tired of walking with a spiritual limp, this is the place for you. [Keep Reading...]

World Changer City Chapel Northwest Arkansas Church

World Changer  |werld-'CHānjer|

noun. An earth-shaking, grace-embodying, life-giving, God-chasing, people-loving, radical-risk-taking follower of Jesus Christ.