Drew & Gipsye


Drew and Gipsye Robinson have a big vision and heart for the people of Northwest Arkansas. Together they've dedicated their lives to serving God and others. The idea to start City Chapel began in 2015 in response to a bold and undeniable vision for people to discover and learn how to have loving, authentic relationships with God and one another.

But how do you plant a church in a city that's heavily steeped in "big church" culture, where the normal Christian experience is over-sized, under-committed, spectator church? Such a question loomed large in their minds as they began sharing the vision and praying with others. It's been incredible to see that people are so hungry for a church where they can actually find and live their special, unique God-given purpose -- where they can discover the gifts Jesus has given them, and confidently use them in practical ways to love God and others. People are tired of being bench-warmers, they want to be an active part of something greater than themselves. It's one thing to go to church as a consumer -- it's another thing entirely when you find and live your own purpose in Jesus. That's when things get exciting. That's when your world starts to change, and God makes you a World Changer. You should see what God can do through you.

The Robinsons passionately believe that the message of God's love and grace can dramatically transform NWA, redefining what community, faith, and leadership look like in this economic and academic hub. Every person's full potential can only be reached in a vibrant relationship with Jesus. The Robinsons' mission is to equip and empower you to see yourself as a World Changer -- even if you never go to the ends of the earth, believe this truth: when God changes your world, he gives you what it takes to change someone else's world, and another person's, and on and on. A World Changer changes the world one life at a time. The message the Robinsons carry is to see NWA experience a different kind of Christianity -- a Christianity where you live your purpose in Jesus and become a real World Changer, with Christ's love as the firm foundation and unstoppable driver of everything we do.