Strategic Leadership To Ensure The Direction

The Overseers are a macro-leadership team of qualified men (1 Tim. 3:1-7) who meet regularly with three essential responsibilities...




To Identify What City Chapel Is And Does

We help you find and live your purpose in Jesus Christ. This is the ultimate test of any decision -- if it doesn't facilitate you finding and living your purpose in Jesus, we don't do it. If we stop doing this, we stop being a church.




To Envision And Clarify Where City Chapel Is Going

The Overseers set the long-term vision -- the "North Star" we are always pursuing and hoping to move closer to together. We want to see you become the World Changer you were really created to be. We want to see what God can do through you. 




To Determine The Choices City Chapel Should Make To Fulfill Its Goals

Tough choices are made a lot simpler when a few good people put their heads together. Our resources - finances, strategic partnerships, and more - are overseen by the team for effectiveness and accountability. We make decisions as a team, by consensus, and in much prayer.