We Want You here...

The gospel is the power of God for your salvation -- it's dramatic, bold, explosive. But does this describe your walk with God? Or is it more like: uninspiring, weak, and safe? If you're tired of walking with a spiritual limp, this is the place for you.

The difference between a weak, unconfident experience with God and a dynamic, passionate, life-long love relationship with the God of the whole universe is one word. One word, one simple idea that makes all the difference. The word is: purpose.

Purpose is the reason you exist. God gave you -- and everyone else -- a deep, unmistakable, unalterable need to live with purpose. Ever wonder why there are so many books in the self-help section written to help you figure out how to live your life right, how to maximize your gifts and talents, and how to become all that you can be? They're all desperate attempts to fill the part of you that only Jesus can occupy. Until Jesus personally, powerfully, and definitively defines your purpose, all efforts to make our lives count and become meaningful are just band-aids, and that part of you that God designed to live with eternal spiritual purpose will keep nagging away -- always reminding you that you haven't arrived yet.

This is how God calls us to himself. Jesus is getting your attention. If you're hopeless to set your life straight, or to take your next step in a walk with God that's dying instead of growing, we want you with us.

At City Chapel, We're Going To Do Four Things:

  1. We're going to pursue the real Jesus in his Word -- we're going to learn his truths, the power for everything we do. Change starts here.
  2. We're going to worship Jesus -- when Jesus really changes your world, the only response is sincere and unashamed gratitude. When we come to meet with God in worship, he fills us with love and courage.
  3. We're going to have real, soul-level community -- you're going to discover the unique gifts that Jesus has given you to love, serve, and share with your family and friends.  This is where your walk with Jesus starts to come alive.
  4. We're going to proclaim Jesus without fear -- we're going to be bold and confident in our love for Jesus. Down with timid, Sunday-only Christianity. A real relationship with Jesus invades every aspect of life.

Don't go the rest of your life not knowing where you stand with God. Don't put off doing what really matters with your life. Don't spend your life searching in vain for a purpose you can't find without Jesus. You know the pain, the sadness of a life adrift without purpose.

With Jesus, you can confidently use your gifts in pursuit of your God-given purpose. Your days can be full of opportunities, not just responsibilities and old routines. You can live passionately and be the world changer God really created you to be. 

If you want to make this change, we want to help. City Chapel is launching Fall 2019, but now's the time to let us know you're in. It starts by joining the team. Let's see what God can do through you.